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appatrickwilson's Journal

A Patrick Wilson Fan Community

The Annoyingly Perfect Patrick Wilson Community
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Welcome to appatrickwilson, the Annoyingly Perfect Patrick Wilson Fan Community!

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This is a fan community of Patrick Wilson. Do not be mistaken by the title by thinking this is a bash community because it IS NOT! I repeat: THIS IS NOT A ANTI-PATRICK WILSON COMMUNITY. There, now that that is said, on with the fun!

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This is not so much the "rules" section as it is explaining what sort of things are here in this community and the things that are to be expected of its members.

1. You are not to bash the community, Patrick Wilson, or anyone/anything that is associated with him. That's just rude and extremely unkind. If I see matters such as this in the community, the member will be banned and reported to the LiveJournal moderators. No if's and's or but's.

2. This community is for anything Patrick Wilson. News letters, pictures, graphics, fan fiction, or even just sharing your love for him. Just keep it to where it doesn't interfere with RULE 1 and everything will be splendid.

3. If I find any stealing of graphics or crediting anyone else's work as your own, you will be banned and reported as I stated earlier. I'm sorry but people work hard and deserve to be credited if requested.

4. Just have fun. We all love Patrick Wilson. He's a fun guy. So... have fun!!!

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If you would like to become an affiliate of appatrickwilson, contact the head mod at her journal.

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Head Mod: Amanda southern_thang; [AIM] fly far away x

If you think you could help mod this community, contact the head mod and state why you are capable of such power. May the force be with you!