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a potential community?

Hi everyone

Mods: tell me if this is not allowed, or feel free to delete. I don't mean to infringe on any rules.

I have noticed through many of the communities I belong to, that there are definetly fans out there regarding the Patrick Wilson/Emmy Rossum pairing, and the Raoul/Christine pairing, but have also noticed that there is no community dedicated specifically to them. This post is to hopefully gauge the interest out there, and any of you that would like to join. If you are a fan of either of these two pairings and would be interested in joining a community dedicated to them, please comment saying so, and any ideas or feedback you may have. I am also looking for any fan fiction to get the ball rolling! I have seen the success of the gerard_emmy community and also operagasm and hopefully this will be a similar community for those who are interested in these particular pairings. While writing my own fic for gerard_emmy I have noticed many comments saying that the Patrick/Emmy pairing appealed to them, but there is no community and there is a similar situation for Raoul/Christine. PLEASE comment, as it would be greatly appreciated and if it seems feasible, the community will be up and running with a week or two. Hopefully with some contributes from you guys! Thanks!

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